• How will my participants fundraise? Answer: Sell via social media and Email (just one or 2 clicks away- We use trackable links, and have pre-made social media posts /email templates to make it easy to share).

  • Do we need to handle any of the books? Answer:  No.  This entire fundraiser is done electronically.  We are making this as easy as possible for you.  You share the posts, email and even can make phone calls if you would like.

  • Can I make my own posts?  Answer:  Yes!  At the same time, we want this to be simple and as successful as possible for you.

  • How can I know more about the book I am selling? Answer:  go to www.norytherocket.com for a sample of the book.

  • What age range is Nory the Rocket geared for?  Answer: Ages 3-8- plus Nory the Rocket Saves the Day is a super cool book!

  • My child is 15 years old; can he/she still be successful with this fundraiser?  Answer: YES! Almost everyone knows somebody with children.  Remember, sometimes your contacts will purchase the book as a gift for someone as well.

  • Can I/We purchase a book even though we are doing the fundraising?  Answer: Yes of course.

  • Will my child/team get credit for each sale? Answer:  Yes, plus you can check back to your leaderboard!

  • How do I check the leaderboard? Answer:  Go to your original link where you registered. https://norytherocket.leaddyno.com/

  • How many books can my child sell:  Answer:  Unlimited amount.   The average is 10. Set the record with 27.

  • Are there prizes for the individual, coach/team that sells the most books? Answer:  In the same way your organization gets $4-$10 per book depending on the # of books sold; the same is true for you and your team/coaches gift card amount!

  • How much per book does my organization profit? Answer:  $4-$10 per book (this depends on how many books are sold).

  • When do the books get delivered?  Answer:  Books will be delivered after the fundraiser is over.

  • How will the books be delivered?  Answer:  We take care of all the administrative side including shipping and handling.

  • How long does a fundraiser last:  Answer: we recommend 30 days.

  • Who do I turn to if I have further questions? Answer: you can email us at norytherocket@gmail.com

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